(KOIZACADEMY for Teachers Training, Professional Development and Education Consultant) Kings Online International Academy is established by Muhammad Khurram Baig in 2011 to Introduce and Implement Advance Educational Tools and Techniques. Academy is working on Education R&D, Promoting Quality Education, Education Advertising, Conducting Seminars and Workshops, Development of International Standard Course Content and Syllabus, Implementation of Education Software or Websites in Education Sector, Establishment of Institutes with Academy Open Educational Resources, Setting up Virtual Institute according to Today’s Market Trend and Relevant Services.

Academy Tutors are conducting Regular and Weekend Practical Sessions to Prepare Modern Teachers in Teachers Skills Building and Training Program. We prepared 40 Modern Education Specialized Tutors Certifications, Tutors Diplomas and conduct Practical Training Workshops for Professionals Skills Development Programs. Academy is working on 50 Specialized Teacher Skills Certifications and Skills Diplomas for registered Students, Teachers and Affiliated Institute, Open for all.

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Teachers Training Workshops.

20 Certifications

  1. Modern Education System and (EMIS)
  2. Modern Teachers Training Program
  3. Education Content Design and Course Development
  4. Schools Management Software System
  5. Library Management Software System
  6. Interactive Books Design for Publishing

Advance Teachers Training Workshops.

20 Certifications

  1. Communication and Presentation Skills
  2. MS Office Administration and IT
  3. Schools Management System-02
  4. Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Skills
  5. Education Consultants and EMIS
  6. Project Management-02 and Case Studies

Kingwing Practical Diploma.

Practical Tutor Program

  1. Teachers Training, Communication and Presentation Skills.
  2. Educational Content Writing, SEO & Uploading.
  3. E-Library, Web Portal Design and Uploading.
  4. Digital Book Design and Upload Online Store.
  5. Multimedia Design and Upload Online.
  6. Schools Management Software and Modules

Establishment of Institute.

Services for Affiliated Institute

  1. Course, Syllabus and Examination Support.
  2. Fast Track Teachers Training for Institute.
  3. Providing Digital Books and Interactive Guides.
  4. Portal Development and E-Library Assistance.
  5. Free Workshop and Seminar for Education Promotion.
  6. Educational Advertising and Publishing Support.

Educational Services & Consultancy.

Training & Consultancy

  1. Starting Modern Courses in Institute.
  2. Fast Track Train the Teachers Session
  3. Course Design & Curriculum Development
  4. Educational Advertising & Promotions
  5. Interactive Books, Guide & Video Design.
  6. Educational Website & Portal Development

Academy Education Portal

E-Books, Workshops, e-Pages Library

  1. Registered Publishers Books.
  2. Sample Examination and Test.
  3. Academy Workshops & Lectures.
  4. Academy E-Pages Library.
  5. Online Video Tube.
  6. Educational Resources.